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Uduchan Control & Automation Limited, UK

Telomec Solutions

Novelty Engineers

Novelty Engineers have been providing high quality reliable Engineering and Support services for Industrial Automation and Control users in the domain of DCS/PLC/SCADA/Instrumentation etc.

Avadhoot Automation have been enabling various inter domain communication Solutions besides Automation enabling Services to Process, Manufacturing  and Other Industries.

Marketing of process control systems & instruments to various industries such as cement, sugar, refineries, paper, steel, water treatment plants, power plants, chemicals etc. They  have acquired very long experience and expertise in  Execution of Turnkey Automation Projects, Consultancy to Industries and Process and Utilities and Promotion and Marketing of Software and ITeSSolutions.

Uduchan Control & Automation Limited (UCAL) is a fast growing Engineering Services Company & System Integrator serving the Industrial Automation industry. UCAL was formed by a group of highly motivated and enthusiastic group of engineers experienced in various industrial automation disciplines.

Telomec is focused on developing customer-centric solutions since year 2002, and has shown consistent revenue growth and profitability. The company has the vision and energy to sustain excellence in design, delivery and service. We enjoy and are committed to developing innovative solutions to simplify, streamline business processes across markets.

Over the past years we have deployed several customized self-service solutions across verticals covering Government, Banks, Education, Manufacturing, Health care, HR, Retail, Ticketing to gain incremental competence in evolving clever solutions.

I-LEAP Foundation

I - LEAP is a pioneer in offering end-to-end educational services for schools and colleges.  I - LEAP is dedicated to learning excellence and strategic planning for competitive exams, the emerging area of practice that helps students measure, monitor, and manage student performance index. We work with students, parents and institutions throughout the process closely to help align program and course objectives, assess learning outcomes, and support continuous, mission-driven improvement and achieve excellence.

Alliance Partners

SJ InfoTech is one of India’s original IT service startups, its range of offerings Infrastructures services, IT hardware, Residence Engineer Services, Systems implementations, ERP solutions & Telecom products.