The Company


From its’ Head Quarters located in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore along with other Locations in Pune, Mumbai, Baroda, London, Dallas etc, AutoCon  helps organizations achieve success in their automation and manufacturing IT projects.



To help Customers to achieve their Productivity and Technology progress Goals through Automation of their Process, People and Machines.



· We are successful because we take the time to get it right the first time

· Problem –Centric approach  rather than Product –centric

· Collaborative Pa\Partnership with Strategic Alliance Partners to cater to complete Solution to the requirement. You get all the required skills and knowledge at one place.

· Situation – to – Solution Approach.

· Complimenting and scalable Products/Solutions from Global Technology Partners aptly selected and customised to local requirement and budget

· Product and Brand neutral. We don’t sell Product and get into problem. We take a Problem and sell a Product, if at all it is required!

· pragmatic approach to projects ensures that client solutions remain uncomplicated

· Small company responsiveness - big company reach and resources


Served Market

We have been extending our Solutions and Services in almost all segments like Discrete Manufacturing, Process, Chemical, FMCG, Retail, Engineering and Facilities, Energy, Petrochemicals, Healthcare, Hospitality etc to name a few.


Business Streams

AutoCon TechnoSys organization consists of a team of experienced automation and manufacturing IT resources knowledgeable in the application of technologies and standards, that value quality engineering services and teamwork.

Following are the main Core Practices of AutoCon Technosys :-


· Integrated Industrial Automation & Process Control Solutions.

· Total Enterprise Automation & Knowledge Solutions.

· Engineering, Support and Marketing Services

· Healthcare Informatics & Automation Solutions.

· Engineering, Maintenance and Marketing Services.

· Technology Enriched Education Services


Delivery Model

AutoCon TechnoSys focuses its practices on value-added delivery, establishing long-term partnerships, and getting involved early in the definition and design phases of projects where we bring valuable knowledge and experience. We strongly believe that for us to be successful, our clients must be successful.

Achieving success requires the right resources, leadership, and dedication, using strong delivery processes aligned with the industry standards and business requirements. AutoCon follows well defined project management and quality management practices combined with rigorous engineering methods for the development and implementation of business solutions